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Condo Furniture Essentials You Should Get for Your Space

Have you ever wondered what makes a house a home? Is it the property’s design specifications and features? Do the people living with you make you feel secure? In reality, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making your house feel like a home.If you live in a condo, your type of furniture can add to your space’s uniqueness and, more importantly, functionality. Since condos require you to use space creatively, you must find the right furniture to maximize your unit.

This infographic will walk you through the types of furniture that can help make the most of your condo.


Infographic on Condo Furniture Essentials You Should Get for Your Space


Condo Furniture Essentials You Should Get for Your Space

The condo lifestyle is fun and exciting, especially if you know how to use furniture that economizes space! Here are 10 essential pieces of furniture you should purchase for your condo.


1. Bed

Nothing beats getting a good night’s sleep or taking a short nap. This furniture is essential to condo living, providing you with a means to rest from the daily hustle and bustle.

Woman putting a soft mattress on the bed.

Apart from a good quality mattress, a sturdy bed frame is equally important. A low-quality bed frame leads to poor sleep quality because of defects such as sliding, squeaking, or creaking. These can be disruptive to sleeping soundly, so purchasing a durable bed frame that won’t just last long but also help you get the best sleep possible is vital.


2. Wardrobe

The more organized your home is, the better. Having a wardrobe in your condo is highly useful because it helps store your clothes, accessories, and valuable items, making them easier to find and preventing them from getting scattered.

Interior of wooden wardrobe.

Most wardrobes have dedicated storage space for each type of item. This design helps avoid mixing up your valuables and makes organizing even more systematic.


3. Closet

Condo units with built-in storage space are every owner’s dream. Otherwise, investing in a versatile closet is a must if you have a wide selection of clothes. But, if it’s impossible to fit all your clothes in a closet, you may need to hang or keep some of them in drawers, depending on the closet’s space.

A clothing rack is also a good alternative if you don’t want to purchase a standard two-door closet.

Modern dressing room interior with stylish clothes, shoes and mirror.


4. Storage shelf

The last thing you want is for clutter to build up in your condo, making your unit feel smaller and suffocating. Here, purchasing storage shelves is a great solution to keep your place spick and span.

Typically, storage shelves are for holding books, but you also use them for audio devices, small decor pieces, and many others. Slim storage shelves with sturdy construction are ideal because they’re easier to move around and give you the flexibility to play around with your unit’s aesthetic.


5. Couch

Like a bed, a couch is another place of rest. It’s that one piece of furniture that lets you sit back after a long and exhausting day while watching your favorite TV shows or movies, reading a book, etc. Couches are also great for catching up with your friends or loved ones.

Quality, elegant couches can be pricey. Expect to spend a few thousand or more for two or three-seater sofas. Then again, that price is worth the functionality that comes with it.

Cute dog sitting on a couch.

It pays to be particular about your couch’s color and fabric, too, as some are harder to maintain and become dirty quickly. Find a material that’s fitting for your lifestyle and personal preferences.


6. Nightstand

A nightstand is an essential piece of furniture to have in your bedroom. It goes hand in hand with your bed because it’s where you place your bedside lamp, leave your phone to charge, hide your wallet and other valuables, and many more.

If you’re currently searching for a nightstand, it may be worth purchasing one with a drawer where you can store small essentials such as lotions, vitamins, reading glasses, and other items you need to keep beside you.


7. Dining set

More than just a designated area for having meals, a dining set also provides versatility to your unit. In some cases, a dining set can serve as a makeshift office.

It can also be an excellent area to spend time with your children as you help them with their homework or play board games with your siblings. You can use your dining area to host dinners or gatherings if you enjoy having guests, too.

Generally, 2-4-seater tables are best for condo units.


8. TV stand

Oak TV stand.

Besides placing your TV here, a TV stand with multiple shelves is ideal for storing game consoles and other devices. Meanwhile, use TV stands equipped with drawers or cabinets to keep CD and book titles without making your living room messy.


9. Office desk and chair

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have transitioned to working from home. As such, it’s vital to have a dedicated office area that allows you to work effectively.

Office chair and desk for working at home.

A suitable office desk and chair are necessary to help you stay productive and organized while working. Find items that don’t take up too much space in your unit as much as possible.


10. Drawers

Drawers are excellent add-ons if you need extra storage for other items. Unlike traditional shelves, drawers allow you to hide your belongings instead of displaying them, creating a cleaner and more spacious look for your unit.

Drawers made with high-quality materials can last you several years. They also come in various colors and styles, so pick one that complements other pieces of furniture in your unit.


Tips for Purchasing Condo Furniture

Now that you know what should be on your furniture shopping list, how do you make sure you’ll pick a high-quality piece that matches your space and budget? Here are 5 tips for purchasing condo furniture.


1. Spend some time in the unit first

Purchasing your first condo is truly exciting. Ideas for planning and designing your unit’s look begin racing in your mind.

But before getting furniture, take the time to inspect your unit and its available space. That way, you’ll have a clear idea of what furniture types are most suitable to get for your condo without compromising its space.


2. Look for multipurpose pieces to maximize space

Multipurpose furniture is a space saver for your condo. You don’t need to stuff your unit with multiple pieces that only take up space. Plus, multipurpose furniture saves you from spending extra money on single-function furniture that occupies too much space. Just remember to choose furniture that can fit in your space and in the areas where it has to pass through upon delivery — you don’t want to order a convertible sofa bed only to realize it’s too big for your doorway or corridor.


3. Add some greenery

Adding plants creates a refreshing and natural look for your condo. Whether in the living room, balcony, or other areas, there’s nothing like looking at plants to rejuvenate your eyes.

Indoor vines and green plants in cute ceramic pots.

One good way to get started is by purchasing plants with freshly trimmed leaves in clear containers and arranging them aesthetically, which can help liven up your condo.


4. Make sure the look and feel matches

Nowadays, furniture designs come in a wide array of styles. Since many condos have modern exterior designs, you might find it tempting to design your condo’s interiors with the same vibe. However, mixing and matching traditional and contemporary looks is doable if you blend the right styles and furniture.


5. Only get what you need

Focus first on getting essential items for your condo. Getting caught up in your excitement when moving to your condo is normal, but you must also consider spacing your furniture correctly.

Essentials such as what we listed above are the priority before anything else. And while on the subject, items you won’t need anymore should either be discarded or handed to others that may need them. This way, you can avoid unwanted moving fees and wasting effort on excess items.


Elevating Your Condo Life

Planning your condo furniture ideas, getting creative, and looking for design inspiration can go a long way in sprucing up your place. The key is knowing what’s most suitable for your condo space. Whether finding a suitable office desk and chair, increasing your condo’s storage, or adding greenery, you have multiple ways of maximizing your unit.

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