Property Location

F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines


Landmark community Mandani Bay, in partnership with Vicsal Foundation, Inc., shares the joy of Christmas today with 300 families of Barangay Centro, Mandaue City.

The event at the Mandaue City Sports Complex signifies the commitment of HTLand, Inc., Mandani Bay’s parent-company, and Vicsal Foundation, Inc. to the well-being of residents in communities surrounding the emerging mixed-use village. It is conducted in coordination with the City of Mandaue and the Barangay Centro Council.

Fifteen (15) volunteers from both organizations are committed to distribute gift packs containing groceries and other essentials to the beneficiary-families. They are also serving meals to the beneficiaries, an estimated total of 300 individuals.

Part of Mandani Bay’s corporate social responsibility effort, the gift-giving activity has been held annually since the project was launched in 2016, but was discontinued in keeping with COVID-19 protocols when the pandemic was declared.

“Sharing the joy of Christmas, particularly with the residents of Barangay Centro, is our way of showing gratitude to the communities that have welcomed and continue to support us. We believe that in connecting with neighbors, we create a healthier, mutually beneficial environment where prosperity is experienced by all,” says Gilbert Ang, Mandani Bay Project Director.

Mandani Bay is a 20-hectare development facing the Mactan Channel on the southern tip of Mandaue City. It stands out among properties in the Asian region for its exceptional design aesthetic, technological integration and lifestyle innovation.