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F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines


Mandani Bay cleans up Tipolo Creek

As a way of giving back to Mandaue City, Mandani Bay undertook a project designed to improve the water quality of Tipolo Creek. The creek runs alongside the north boundary of Mandani Bay.

Mandani Bay’s technical team implemented the project early in 2017 using a product called EM by the Japan-based EM Research Organization (EMRO).

EM helps by activating native microorganisms in the environment and harnessing their intrinsic power. In the case of bodies of water such as Tipolo Creek, that power is the ability to self-purify.

Tipolo Creek Rehabilitation

The product was poured directly into the creek in key points where pollution was concentrated. Over time, it became a community effort, with neighboring communities regularly dropping a mixture of EM and mud into the creek. The result has been a satisfactory 80% improvement in the quality of the water so far.


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