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F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Digital Launch

Mandani Bay goes digital:
New website, AR & VR apps launched

Looking towards creating a convenient and seamless customer experience, Mandani Bay recently held “Mandani Bay goes Digital” launching the fully-integrated website, and virtual and augmented reality apps (VR and AR).

Designed to bring Mandani Bay closer to its future residents and guests, the website and apps are an invitation to immerse in their future community, including 3D models of its residential units even without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices. One need only visit or download the AR and VR through personalized links.

The VR lets viewers, with the use of VR goggles, step into the model units and rendered amenity decks. It creates the experience of being in a residential unit or amenity area, a preview into a delightful new lifestyle.

For looking at the wider project scale, the AR app does the job impeccably. It projects the Masterplan onto the viewer’s device to allow unfettered navigation of the entire 20-hectare Mandani Bay community. The AR lets one see and feel the exciting vibe of his future address, ahead of the first batch of turnovers in 2020. It closely portrays the community and its world-class components – the 500-meter Waterfront and Boardwalk facing the scenic Mactan Channel, the Green Promenade, a wide swath of lush foliage and water features cutting through the width of the property, the Main Boulevard, Footbridges and landscaped lifestyle spaces.

The new website tells the riveting Mandani Bay story, featuring Mandani Bay’s passions for culture, creativity, adventure and water around which the community has been designed and the pursuit of which is encouraged and enhanced in the development. A flythrough video of the development is accessible on the site’s landing page.

The digital tools are useful not only for future residents, but for Sellers, as well. As the tech-based instruments provide a near-perfect representation of how Mandani Bay looks and feels, Sellers and buyers are given a more accurate reference for their transactions.

Speaking to sellers at “Mandani Bay goes Digital”, Project Advisor Jeffrey Lun underscored the advantage of operating at a time when technology-based instruments with wider reach and accessible through diverse platforms are evolving.

Mandani Bay is the flagship project of HTLand, Inc., joint venture of Cebu-based Taft Property Ventures Development Corporation and Hongkong Land LLC which is listed in London, Bermuda and Singapore.

The development, among the biggest in Cebu, is transforming the Cebu landscape into a world-class lifestyle destination by integrating high standards of design and construction with the rich Cebuano heritage.


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