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F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

people rowing boat



Last August 20, 2022, Mandani Bay was favored to be the venue host for this year‘s Mandani Bay Dragon Boat Regatta – the first for Mandaue City.  
Dragon boat racing originated during the Warring States Period as far back as 2,500 years ago. Coming from the fishing communities along the Yangtze River in Southern-Central China, it started as a folk ritual designed to appease the rain gods, encourage rainfall, and celebrate the summer rice planting.  
Through this historic event, it highlighted three remarkable feats for Mandani Bay – the property’s passion for water and adventure was activated and demonstrated through the race, support for healthy and active lifestyle, and participation in the economic resurgence of the beloved host city, Mandaue.  
The regatta was exemplified in one of the property’s amenities which Mandani Bay is very proud of. The Mandani Bay Boardwalk is by far the longest stretch of a well-planned, mixed-use waterfront area. According to HTLand’s Property Director, Gilbert Ang, residents and locals can safely enjoy this vicinity soon. He added that the boardwalk is a destination in itself where you can enjoy the glorious sunrise, strolling, chillin’, getting fit, and a lot of other things you can have the benefit of. 
The regatta was graced by participants coming from different barangays in Mandaue, other regions in the Philippines, and a Mandani Bay team to amplify Mandani Bay’s advocacy for a healthy and active lifestyle. Cheers, laughter, and pride filled the scenery as the property’s men and women paddled their way along the Mactan channel. Truly, living Mandani Bay’s passions. Mandaue City Mayor, Jonas Cortes, was also present and led the opening of the historic event.  
The event will not be as momentous as it is without the efforts of the Philippines Accessible Disability Service (PADS), who was also recently awarded as the champion racing team in Florida, USA for organizing the regatta. The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), in relation to Mandaue Business Month, also extended their hands by bringing in merchants who served a variety of meals and refreshments during the day. The first ever Mandani Bay Dragon Boat Regatta was definitely a success if it weren’t for the collective efforts of Mandani Bay’s partners to assemble this occasion.  
Through events like this, Mandani Bay will provide opportunities to experience world-class amenities to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company.  The Mandani Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2022 will only be the first of the many world-class events which will be held on the property.