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F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines



It’s all about bringing trees, in more manageable sizes, into indoor spaces, about the delicate skill of growing them in containers so that they remain small enough to liven up the home. It’s about appreciating how these miniatures enhance the home aesthetic, engender serenity and attract positive energy.

Bonsai, translated from Japanese as “tray-planted”, is the art of planting tree species in containers. While it was started by the Chinese over a thousand years ago, it has been developed and perfected by the Japanese.

Because bonsai propagation involves careful pruning of roots and branches and setting the plants so that each one resembles a tree growing in the wild, it requires a nurturing nature and a keen desire to create beauty.  

In keeping with its passions for culture and creativity, Mandani Bay mounted the exhibit Art of Bonsai, at the Mandani Bay Show Gallery on June 24 and 25.  

Members of Cebu Bonsai Society, member of the Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc., Mandani Bay’s event partner, displayed at the exhibit 25 meticulously curated and artistically grown bonsai plants. 

An exclusive preview was held on June 24 and an open house on June 25. 

Complementing the event was Arkisketchers Cebu, an organization of architect-hobbyists, whose members did fascinating live watercolor paintings of the plants on display. 

Mandani Bay homeowners and guests immersed in Art of Bonsai as a welcome component of the culturally-oriented, artistic lifestyle.  

Mandani Bay has set the bar for luxury developments in the region. With top-class design, impressive community features and a wealth of life-enriching happenings, Mandani Bay is transforming Cebu into a world-class lifestyle destination.