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Year of the Earth Dog gets a rousing welcome at Chinatown in Mandani Bay

How does one create the atmosphere of auspiciousness while welcoming the Year of the Earth Dog? With merrymaking, of course! In traditional Chinese fashion, with family and friends, at Cebu’s emerging world-class lifestyle development, Mandani Bay.

Ringing in unity, happiness and prosperity, China Town in Mandani Bay, a weekend night market, brought the Cebuanos and local Filipino-Chinese community to a festive celebration of the most important Chinese festival on Friday, February 23 and Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the Mandani Bay Show Gallery.

Open from sundown on both days, the celebration featured performances by the Cebu Eastern College, Cebu Wu Shu and Buddha’s Light International Association Performing Arts. Dragon Fireworks capped the opening day celebration with its signature choreographed fireworks display.

Prayers were offered for a prosperous New Year by the Venerable Miao Ren of Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple. Carlos Co, President of the Mandaue Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, underscored the event as a unique immersion into the interesting culture of the Chinese, a coming together for a unique experience.

The experience was indeed enriching and satisfying.

There was a wide array of delicious Chinese chow at the food strip alongside a display of other products and services. Guests were never wanting for epicurean gratification.

On February 24, Feng Shui Master Francis Gaw visited Mandani Bay to share his thoughts about harnessing the auspicious energies of the Year of the Earth Dog. Guests went home enervated and raring to apply such valuable insights.

Observed at the turn of the traditional lunisolar calendar, the date of the Chinese New Year or what is called the “Spring Festival” in modern-day mainland China varies from year to year. This year, the New Year commenced on February 16.

China Town in Mandani Bay reflected the union of Mandani Bay with the Chinese worldwide and especially the Cebuanos and local Filipino-Chinese community. The event was held as a project of HTLand, Inc. and the Mandaue Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Mandani Bay is Cebu’s most promising development. With a 500-meter water frontage facing the Mactan Channel, this world-class 20-hectare development has a stunning view of the coast and encompassing cityscape.


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