Property Location

F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Mandani Bay Quay Balcony View

Embracing Nature

Mandani Bay engenders the warm feeling of being enveloped by nature by embracing nature itself. No matter where you are in the community, the refreshing elements of the natural environment are always within view, or right where you are, for you to enjoy.

Mandani Bay is flanked by the mesmerizing aquamarine Mactan Channel and the riveting mountainscapes of Cebu City. Numerous landscaped spaces within the community serve to elevate the nature experience even more, swaths of green dotted with vibrant floral hues.

All over the property, pocket gardens propose calm oases of natural splendor. The podiums and footbridges are populated by an abundance of ornamentals and flowering species, providing pedestrian-friendly connectivity all over the community, offering fresh air and shade from the noontime sun.

Each enclave boasts of its own green spaces punctuated by elegant ponds and pools. Amenity decks are delicately landscaped to allow tranquility to permeate the senses. In these spaces, residents and their guests have fun, get fit, enjoy each other’s company, or simply, stay still, appreciating life, meditating on its bounties.

A majestic, 180° view of the sea is made possible by a 30-meter walkway, the Main Boulevard, that also allows for a peek at the cityscapes beyond. On the Main Boulevard and the 500-meter Boardwalk, Mandani Bay fulfills its passion for water, encouraging human connections in its cultural spaces, retail outlets and restaurants and promoting fitness in a space ideal for afternoon strolls and early-morning runs.

The Green Promenade, the community’s central park, is its biggest green expanse at 350 meters long and 40 meters wide. Around this luxuriously lush area, Mandani Bay sets the tone for the upscale lifestyle. Along this wide, open zone are residential, retail and office spaces. The Green Promenade is where one can truly live an active life and embrace nature, enjoying how it seamlessly melds into modern conveniences.