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6 Advantages of Living in a Condo

6 Advantages of Living in a Condo

As the country recovers from the pandemic and moves forward, the condo market will bounce back, as well. According to Joey Roi Bondoc, Associate Director of Colliers Philippines, “The government-projected economic rebound in 2021 and completion of infrastructure projects should also play a pivotal role in pump-priming the secondary market.”

With market recovery ramping up, you should consider getting a condo unit yourself as the market finds its footing. Living in a condo is a popular choice among different types of people. Some young professionals are looking for accessibility to and from work. On the other hand, OFWs and foreign investors search for a luxurious environment to settle down in the Philippines.

Regardless of your reasons for checking out condos, there are other important advantages to condo living. Read through the list below to understand why you should live in a condo community in Cebu.

1. More affordable than houses

Generally, condo units are less expensive than single-family houses in the same area since a condo will usually have fewer bedrooms or lesser square footage. If you’re a young individual or a couple starting a family, a condominium can be a great property investment. With its lower price, a condo unit is easier to purchase than a house in the suburbs.

2. Strategically located near essential establishments

One of the most crucial questions you ask when choosing a residential property is the location. How long will the drive to your workplace be? Is it close enough to malls? Are there transportation options if you want to commute?

Most condos for sale in Cebu are highly accessible to essential establishments such as hospitals, offices, shopping malls, financial institutions, schools, and places of worship. They are strategically situated in prime areas around the city, so you don’t have to worry about traveling far because daily essentials are reachable in just a few minutes. That way, you can save both time and energy, too.

3. Reduced costs and time for maintenance

With a condo unit, you don’t have to constantly think about maintenance. The property’s management office takes care of the building’s upkeep, from amenities to exteriors. If there’s a leaking pipe or a hole on the roof of the building, it’s the management’s responsibility to handle all minor or major repairs.

As for your unit, you also have lesser space to maintain compared to single-family homes. Because you have less furniture around and limited rooms lit up, your monthly utilities are relatively lower, as well.

4. Increased security

When you get a condo in Cebu, one perk you get to enjoy is heightened security. There are guards 24/7 at entry and exit points, checking whoever enters or leaves the building. Sometimes, lobby personnel ask guests to fill up the guest book and surrender a valid ID before accessing the elevators. Security cameras are also installed everywhere to provide peace of mind to all condo dwellers.

If you live alone in your unit, you can feel safe knowing that you have people you can reach out to in case of emergencies, whether they’re part of management or your next-door neighbors.

5. Access to prime amenities

Most condo complexes provide their residents with premier amenities like social spaces, pools, and gyms. They are either offered for free or with a small fee. If you want these amenities in your detached home, it will cost you a great deal of money to build one from the ground up. If you are looking to live in a village, the clubhouse is your best option to have access to such amenities. But with a condo, you can access these amenities and save a couple of thousand pesos over time.

Some condos even have clubhouses, pavilions, and jacuzzis. You don’t have to enjoy these amenities alone as the management allows you to invite and have fun with guests.

6. Great sense of community

A condominium complex offers residents an ideal neighborhood to live in. Not only is it near essential establishments, secure 24/7, and surrounded by luxurious amenities but it also fosters a great sense of community.

Since there are many shared spaces in the compound, you have plenty of opportunities to meet and greet your neighbors. Sometimes, the condo’s management hosts events for residents to get together and bond. For instance, there can be Zumba classes, seasonal bazaars, holy masses, and disaster preparedness seminars.

Like any Filipino neighborhood, condominiums have a kind and friendly atmosphere, from the staff to residents. To maintain harmony and ensure there aren’t any disagreements, the management lays down a basic set of rules for everyone to follow. The rules are for the benefit of all residents, like keeping noise at a minimum so that you won’t disturb your neighbors.

Make Life Simple and Convenient

It would be best to consider numerous factors when looking for places to live in. There’s cost of living, location, and safety, among others. As stated above, living in a condo can cross off most of your concerns, as there are a lot of perks that come with the condo lifestyle. In general, being a condo dweller makes life easier because most places are within reach, and you don’t have to bother with the hassles of property maintenance.

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