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How to Be a Good Neighbor: 10 Luxury Condo Living Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’re a social butterfly or someone innately private, you would appreciate the tight-knit community that comes with condo living. It is one of the many benefits of living in a luxury condo. You meet people at the gym or share conversations over coffee with people of similar interests. Keeping the perfect balance of personal privacy and social interaction is the key to maintaining a harmonious community. You value your own space just as others value theirs, and when you need someone to talk to, your neighbors are just one knock away. 

10 Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Condo Neighbor

Mutual respect, understanding, and shared responsibilities let you and your neighbors maintain Zen in the community. Here, knowing and observing condo living etiquette plays a huge role. How to become a good condo neighbor, you ask? Here are 10 condo living tips to practice.


1. Say hello to your neighbors

Young professionals wearing face masks greet each other in the elevator

There’s a way to become part of the community while keeping your private space. A simple ‘hello’ with the people you ride the elevator with and greeting the condo staff back are small gestures of appreciation for others.

Make time to attend community events. Halloween parties and Christmas activities are a hit among Filipinos, so they’re something to look forward to.

These gatherings are among the benefits of living in a luxury condo, especially if you love socializing with others. These are also great ways to welcome new residents and give them a good feel of the community.

Plus, mingling with your neighbors makes it easier for your kids to find buddies their age.


2. Know when (or not) to take conversations to the personal level

Indeed, sharing hellos in the hallway is nice. However, sometimes, keeping things there is enough and even welcome.

Some of your neighbors, or even you, may prefer social interactions at the minimum just because that’s what they’re comfortable with—and everyone should respect that.

With that, test the waters and be sensitive. Best not to push for long conversations when your neighbors seem in a hurry or ask personal questions in the hallway when anyone could be listening.

Don’t get tempted to gossip because it’s a small community. Just as you don’t want to be the talk of the town, your neighbors might not appreciate that, too.


3. Tone it down

Condos let you stay away from the world. The last thing you want is noisy neighbors blasting their music first thing in the morning as if they’re the only people there. That’s also the type of person you don’t want to be, so keep your noise down.

If you like your music on speakers in the morning and get that pumped-up vibe to start the day, keep it just enough to fill your room but not too loud for your neighbors.

It’s not advisable to hold large parties inside your unit unless your neighbors are away for the weekend or they’re OK with it.


4. Keep the common areas clean

Condo living comes with amenities you can enjoy—the more reason you should go for that condo for sale in Cebu that you’ve been eyeing and get a taste of life in the Queen City of the South.

However, part of your responsibilities as a condo resident is to use the shared amenities and common spaces respectfully. Make sure to clean as you go and avoid displaying unnecessary behaviors and acts around these spaces lest you disturb others. Hallways and corridors are common areas, so you shouldn’t leave anything in the hallway, especially slippers and shoes.


5. Be a responsible pet owner (and parent)

Kids and pets have the same tendency to cause a mess. While they both can be adorable most of the time, your neighbors would appreciate it if you managed them in unruly moments.

Mother and daughter playing with a dog in their condo living room

If you have kids, teach them to avoid being noisy at home so they’re less likely to make a scene in public spaces. If you have pets, put a leash on them when you go out so they won’t run around. You are also responsible for your pet’s poop as a pet owner, so clean up when your critter decides to leave some droppings during your daily walks.


6. Respect your neighbor’s parking space

Parking spaces are an extension of personal space for your neighbors and yourself. Settle an arrangement if you don’t have a designated parking space per resident or unit. Here, respect can go a long way. No one wants an argument over parking early in the morning on their way to work or at night after a long day.

Parking woes also extend to blocking your neighbors’ access when you park, revving up your car too early in the morning or late at night, and tending to your visitors’ parking.


7. Don’t smoke or vape outside designated areas

Secondhand smoking can cause harmful health issues, so if you need to take your nicotine fix within the condo premises, make sure to smoke or vape only in designated smoking areas. While we’re at it, throw your cigarette butts in trash bins.

Designated smoking area sign in a condo's garden area

Also, don’t smoke inside your condo unit. Yes, it is your personal space, but smoke can seep through AC vents across the building—you don’t want that to happen.


8. Keep strangers off-limits to units unless verified

More of a security concern than a condo living etiquette, but you should also be compliant with the security measures of the entire facility.

When expecting a visitor who is not a condo resident, notify the staff ahead of time and don’t let strangers enter the building or give them access to your unit.

For instance, have your food delivery guy wait downstairs or, in certain circumstances, ask for assistance to bring the food to your unit.


9. Observe the rules on trash disposal

Condo communities often have guidelines on trash disposal, such as waste segregation, recycling, and garbage pick-up schedule.

Get acquainted with these rules so you can maintain a clean environment. Waste is unsanitary and can cause unpleasant smells for extended periods.


10. Be accountable and be better

If you made a mistake, the best thing to do is acknowledge your lapses, apologize to the people you have disturbed or compromised, and learn from the experience. That’s how you become a good neighbor.


Keep the Condo Community in Harmony

The great thing about having a community is that you learn to live with others in synergy. Being and having a good neighbor is not only a matter of spatial respect but also forging friendly relationships.

The condo community is the right mixture of personal privacy and social life. Sharing spaces and amenities are a huge advantage of living in a luxury condo, but this also comes with living etiquette.

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