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10 Luxury Condo Amenities to Look for When Investing in a New Condo


With many properties rising on the horizon, choosing the right one can be challenging. What’s the basis for your choice of real estate investment? Is it the one in a prime location? Do you prefer living with luxurious amenities? Is the property suitable for your future family? Do you check the reliability of property developers?

These are all excellent standards for condo investors, but it’s equally important to be critical of the property’s facilities. Having luxury condo amenities increases your real estate investment’s value, which can further appreciate over time and make it easy for you to rent or sell the property if you decide to take that route.

At the same time, excellent amenities add comfort and fun to your lifestyle. Whether you want your condo to be a space for unwinding and relaxing or engaging in fun and exciting activities, outstanding facilities can help create unforgettable experiences.


Top 10 Luxury Condo Amenities to Look For

Swimming pools and gyms are typical in most condos, but if you want a property with a higher value and better investment potential, then here are the luxury condo amenities you should add to your checklist.


1. Level-up security and concierge services

Security is a non-negotiable feature for peaceful and relaxing condo living. Besides security personnel and CCTV cameras stationed in and around the property, concierge services are a great addition to a condo property. This unit can help with household concerns, personal requests, and other assistance for condo dwellers.

Mandani Bay has a dedicated system to ensure condo security and safety. In particular, the Mandani Bay Community App connects you directly to property management to make concierge services accessible. Plus, residential units, facilities, and common areas within the community can remain safe and secure via power backups necessary during outages and emergencies.


2. Infinity, rooftop, or indoor pools

With the daily stresses from work or school, spending time in the water lets you unwind for that much-needed break. As a condo resident, you don’t need to leave home to enjoy resort-style pool time.

Mandani Bay Pool Area
Mandani Bay’s pool area offers a serene landscape where residents can unwind or socialize with friends.

Luxury condos go all out on pool amenities. For example, you can find a 50-meter lap pool, leisure pool, kids’ pool, aqua and pool deck, pool lounge, water play area, and floating cabanas in Mandani Bay’s towers to let you bond with family and friends.


3. Gym and fitness areas

MBS Outdoor Fitness
Mandani Bay’s luxury condominiums offer indoor and outdoor gym and fitness areas that help you stay in shape and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

The ongoing public health issues due to COVID-19 require staying in tip-top shape. Here, adding exercise to your routine can help, but only if you do it consistently. A condo gym makes it easier for you to develop healthy habits and achieve your #FitnessGoals.

So, whether you’re health-conscious or have an active lifestyle, a gym or fitness area must be on your amenity checklist. Luckily, Mandani Bay residences offer an indoor gym and outdoor fitness areas. There’s no need to sign up for private gym memberships since there’s already a place for you to work out at home.


4. Child-friendly facilities such as kids’ playroom

You know a condo is inclusive and child-friendly if it has amenities that are designed not only for adults, but for kids as well. Such amenities transform a condo from a mere living space into a home where families can nurture a child’s growth and development.

Mandani Bay has child-friendly facilities, such as the Kids’ Playroom, Kids’ Pool, and Playground, which make it an ideal choice for young parents who are looking for a home in the city.

Kids' Playroom


5. Entertainment rooms

Nowadays, many people choose to stay at home for health, safety, convenience, etc. Although, this lifestyle can get boring for kids and adults alike. If your condo has entertainment rooms, you don’t need to experience this dilemma.

Movie, game, and music rooms provide the entertainment you need in the comfort of your home. These facilities let you watch movies as if you’re in a theater, get competitive with games, enjoy playing music, and do other activities.

For its part, Mandani Bay has karaoke and game rooms perfect for killing boredom and stirring up fun with your family and friends.

Mandani Bay Gameroom
Bored? Head to the game room for pool, board competition, and other fun activities with friends and family.


6. Outdoor spaces

Walk your pets, take a safe stroll on foot, bike around your community, or enjoy the fresh air. These outdoor activities are within reach when you live in a condo with open spaces.

At Mandani Bay, you can have fun under the sun via its Active Zone. Your kids can spend their time in the playground while you lounge around the surrounding alfresco spaces.


7. Green zones

Outdoor space may be enough for some, but why settle for that when you can also have a garden or green zone? Being around plants and trees in an urban area helps improve mood, relieve stress, and enhance air quality.

Mandani Bay’s Green Promenade is a place for leisure and wellness. This 300-meter-long green park incorporates nature in the middle of modern living.

Take a 360-Degree Virtual Tour of
Mandani Bay’s Green Promenade →


8. Clubhouse

A clubhouse is perfect for social interactions within the community. You can meet your fellow homeowners during events, recreation activities, or other engagements. Mandani Bay’s residences provide clubhouses and reading nooks for your enjoyment.

Mandani Bay Reading Nook
Mandani Bay residences have well-lit reading nooks for avid readers.


9. Waterfront

A waterfront view is a luxury amenity worth having. Besides the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy a peaceful, serene environment and even get into water sports. Mandani Bay takes pride in being a renowned waterfront living community. Its condo units overlook the Mactan Channel, mountain views, and city landscapes.

You can also go on a morning run or afternoon stroll on the boardwalk close to this high-value property.

Mandani Bay Yoga and Dance Studio with View of Mactan Channel
Mandani Bay’s yoga and dance studio features a stunning view of the Mactan Channel.


10. Proximity to hospitals, airports, and other establishments

Location plays a significant role in a condo’s value and convenience meter. Find a residential unit close to groceries, restaurants, cafes, and retail areas for easier shopping and dining. Homes strategically located around these spaces reduce travel time and effort—like how Mandani Bay brings lifestyle spaces close to where you are.

Mandani Bay is strategically located within walking distance of Mandaue City’s commercial establishments. This includes hospitals like the Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue and University of Cebu Medical Center (UCMed), port areas like the Cebu International Port, and even a mobile security station. Mandani Bay is also a mere 20-minute drive from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, making it very accessible for tourists and travelers.


Top Condo Features for You

Choosing the best real estate investment can be a challenge. Besides the condo’s location, size, and design, its amenities are just as essential in determining its value and enhancing your day-to-day experience. After all, luxury condo amenities can offer more than comfort and convenience, paving the way for a highly satisfying lifestyle.

Look for your new condo property in Mandani Bay. Our high-end luxury property offers world-class amenities to give you the life you deserve. Check out our premier condos for sale in Cebu today!