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Mandani Bay, Mandaue LGU Ink Tipolo Creek Rehab Pact

Mandani Bay has drawn a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Mandaue for the technology-based rehabilitation of a portion of Tipolo Creek.

The initiative follows on the company’s successful Tipolo Creek Environmental Management and Public Market Application Project that started two years ago.

Mayor Luigi Quisumbing represented Mandaue City at the simple, but meaningful ceremony held at the Mandani Bay Show Gallery last Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Also attending for Mandaue City was Reclamation Area Manager Marvin Soco. Mandani Bay Project Director Gilbert Ang signed the MOU in behalf of Mandani Bay, together with Project Adviser Jeffrey Lun.

The creek, which runs through the commercial area of the industrialized city, close to the south boundary, receives solid and liquid waste matter discharged from the nearby Mandaue City Public Market and informal settlements along its banks. It empties into the Mactan Channel.

“Mandaue is our home. Both Tipolo Creek and the Mactan Channel are significant natural features of the Mandaue environment. HTLand is taking this project on consistent with its brand promise of creating ripples that will resonate towards contributing to a better life for the community that we are a part of,” said Gilbert Ang, Mandani Bay Project Director.

The agreement covers the production of mudballs containing a mix of lactic acid, yeast and phototrophic bacteria and seeding them into strategic points along the waterway.

The bacterial solution restores the water’s self-purification abilities by eliminating pollution-fed bad bacteria which has killed beneficial microorganisms.

Mandani Bay is committed to provide training for the volunteers who will be involved in the production of the mudballs. The company will also provide a production facility, materials, vehicles and safety gear for the volunteers.

On the other hand, the LGU will assign volunteers from its City Environment and Natural Resources Office, ensure that the production team meets implementation targets and coordinate with the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for monthly water quality tests.

The Tipolo Creek Environmental Management and Public Market Application Project is envisioned to reduce air and water pollution in Mandaue City. It is part of Mandani Bay’s growing list of community betterment initiatives.


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