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Solo Living: 8 Tips to Make the Most of Living Alone in a Condo

Living alone is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. Having your own space lets you personalize it to your liking, invite visitors on your terms, and enjoy complete independence.That said, solo condo living may also get lonely and overwhelming. Busy people might not have enough time to take care of themselves and socialize, which may take a toll on their physical and mental health. Establishing habits and routines during these instances help keep solo living a positive life experience.

8 Hacks for Living Alone in a Condo

Living alone is pretty daunting, especially for those going through it for the first time, but the following tips can help you enjoy this experience more.

1. Learn how to grocery shop and cook

Regularly eating out is expensive even if you can afford it, so learn how to buy groceries and prepare food to sustain yourself. Consider setting up a routine, like shopping for groceries during weekends, to last the entire week and avoid running out of supplies.

Learning how to cook as a beginner is usually scary, but there’s nothing a good recipe or YouTube video can’t teach. If you’re busy, meal planning and prepping meals during weekends and storing them in a fridge help save time and effort.

2. Stay on top of your finances

Living alone means being financially responsible to avoid running low on cash and racking up debt. An effective way to keep finances in check is by budgeting. Allocate your employment and passive income towards necessary expenses, like rent or condo dues and car payments, then savings and wants.

Also, try to keep receipts and record expenses for a more comprehensive insight into your spending habits. This practice helps you track your cash flow to avoid overspending and dealing with financial issues down the road.

3. Decorate to your heart’s desire

Your new place should feel comfortable and cozy, especially since you’ll spend most of your time there. Now with an entire space to yourself, it’s time to turn your Pinterest dreams into reality.

House plants and wooden furniture are perfect if like a rustic vibe. However, if you prefer minimalism, having to purchase only a few items for your home can help you save money. Also, consider getting multi-purpose furniture, like Murphy desks and sofa beds, to save space. Just be sure to notify building administrators before changing anything to avoid penalties.

4. Don’t neglect your social life

You may have your hands full with work duties and household chores when you live alone, which makes it difficult for you to make time for your friends. This can take a toll on your mental health, even if you’re an introvert. In fact, a recent study reports that in-person social interaction is critical to mental and emotional well-being.

Make sure to make time for social activities. Meet up with your friends, family, and loved ones every so often to enrich your social life and personal relationships.

Additionally, the great thing about living in a condo is that you’re always near other people, so consider befriending your neighbors. Learning how to be a good neighbor is essential if you want to establish a rapport. Greet them when you meet and be respectful in shared spaces, such as in parking lots and hallways. Also, keep your noise down, especially if you have pets or children, to avoid being a nuisance.

5. Keep your space tidy

A clean space makes it more inviting and comfortable to be in, so make it a habit to tidy up regularly. Cleaning tools, such as brooms, mops, trash cans, and cleaning solutions, are your new best friends since they make the job easier. However, vacuum cleaners are also helpful if you don’t have enough time to clean regularly.

Trash accumulation is also a concern, especially in a condo. Condo buildings usually have trash chutes or garbage disposal rooms where you can throw your waste. Be sure to take out your trash at least once every day as it may cause your unit to smell bad and attract pests.

6. Invest in security features

Security is another concern when living alone. Luckily, most condos have a lock-and-leave security setup. These gated communities have guards, cameras, fire alarms, and locks that allow solo dwellers to leave their homes for long periods without worry.

However, one can never be too safe. It’s still a good idea to buy automatic locks, Wi-Fi cameras, and alarms for your front and balcony doors to stave off intruders. Fire extinguishers are also handy for fire-related emergencies.

7. Sign up for classes

It’s easy to get bored when living alone. Reading books, watching shows and movies, and listening to music can only entertain for so long, so try taking classes during your free time. It’s a great way to find hobbies while learning something new with like-minded people. You could even use them to find friends and foster relationships.

Whether you take classes for pottery, workout, art, or language, these activities can help you feel physically and mentally invigorated and keep you productive.

8. Take advantage of your condo’s amenities

Condo amenities, like swimming pools and pocket gardens, allow you to relax and socialize with neighbors, helping improve your general well-being. They also help save money. If the condo has an in-house gym, you won’t have to pay for membership anymore.

Some buildings have business centers, office spaces, and study halls for when you need to focus on work or school. These spaces are perfect if you’re in a permanent work-from-home setup and need a change in scenery.

Make Solo Living More Enjoyable 

Living alone in a condo may be daunting, especially for first-timers, but the hacks above can help make your stay more comfortable. While this milestone is excellent for personal growth and development, you must invest in these healthy habits and routines to maximize your experience and finally become genuinely independent.

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