Property Location

F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Mandani Bay Quay

The property’s 2nd & newest residential enclave

Mandani Bay Quay

The active lifestyle is played up at Mandani Bay Quay (pronounced /kee/, like “key”). Nurturing the dynamic life, this condo for sale in Cebu faces F.E. Zuellig Avenue in Mandaue City and paves the way for pursuing the energetic well-lived life.

With a focus on vibrant living, Mandani Bay is currently actively selling Mandani Bay Quay Tower 3 and its office tower One Mandani Bay. What sets this luxury condo in Cebu apart from other properties for sale in Cebu is its office tower being the recipient of 2021 Property Guru Philippine Property Awards’ Best Office Architectural Design.

Nurturing the dynamic life, the Mandani Bay Quay’s Amenity Area has spaces dedicated to fitness activities, from the fun and easy to the challenging and high-powered.

Best Office Architectural Design Winner


At the heart of the Mandani Bay Quay enclave is the Amenity Area, collectively called the Active Zone.

1 50-meter Lap Pool
2 Kids’ Pool
3 Leisure Pool
4 Pool Deck
5 Pool Lounge
6 Aqua Deck
7 Water Play Area
8 Seating Pavilion
9 Reflexology
10 Outdoor Lounge
11 Office Amenity Deck
12 Office Outdoor Seating
13 Kids’ Playground
14 Split-out Multipurpose Lawn
15 Multipurpose Lawn
16 Outdoor Seating Area
17 Cabana
18 Floating Cabana
19 Clubhouse

20 Adventure Playground
21 Kids’ Playground
22 Outdoor Fitness
23 Sports Hall

Mandani Bay Quay Podium Plan

Exclusive Areas are spaces and amenities exclusive
to Mandani Bay Quay residents.

Shared Areas are common features
accessible by all Mandani Bay residents.

The Active Zone

The most defining feature of Mandani Bay Quay, the Active Zone is made up of mostly al fresco spaces dedicated to providing residents of all ages with the means to live a zestfully healthy lifestyle.

It is composed of areas dedicated to fitness activities from the fun and easy to the challenging and high-powered.

Common Areas & Features of the Residential Towers

Ensuring a safe, efficient, and focused way of life, residential units as well as common areas and facilities are equipped with 100% Power Backup.

The towers have a common Reception and Lounge area. Each tower has 6 elevators – 5 for Passengers, and 1 for both Passengers and Service. CCTV is installed in key areas and even in the lift cars. Parking uses Card System Entry, and there is a dedicated parking for residents, separate from parking for retail customers.

For a detailed list of the Common Areas & Features of the Mandani Bay Quay Residential Towers, click here.

Mandani Bay Quay Residential Towers

With a focus on vibrant living, this cluster has 3 residential towers & 1 office tower.